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  • Manage Days of Supply – If your patient misses a dose of their medication or has extra supply at home, they can capture that information all via the myPharmacyLink app. This means that the timing of their reminder is updated to match their actual days of supply left.
  • Snap and Send – Your patients will be able to pre-order scripts by sending a photo of their scripts
  • Generic Brand Substitution & Home Delivery – Patients will be able to indicate with their order if they would prefer to substitute with the generic brand.
  • Guest Mode – Patients can now explore the app features as a guest before signing up. If your pharmacy has not been enabled with the medication management service, you can log in as a ‘guest’ and see the new features mentioned above

Unlike other platform providers, GuildLink recognises that the future of pharmacy depends on you owning your patient relationships. That’s why the myPharmacyLink app will remain yours – with your pharmacy and your brand for your patients. As your partner in powering the better use of medicines in Australia, we’ll never send your patients to another Pharmacy, either, as other platforms do.

The Future of Pharmacy

We also wanted to take this opportunity to share the trial led programs and key integrations we’ve been working on as part of initiatives amongst The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Researchers and other sponsors to support patients and your business. This includes:

GuildData is another recent initiative to help Australian pharmacists benefit from stronger 7CPA negotiated outcomes. Find out more about how you can help us ensure the longevity of your pharmacy

When will I be able to experience GuildCare NG 2.0 with the new Medication Management Service?

GuildCare NG Sites – GuildCare NG 2.0 with new Medication Management Service will be coming to your pharmacy in September.

GuildCare Classic Sites – GuildCare Classic users who have been waiting to access the benefits of the cloud-based GuildCare NG platform will receive further communications to schedule their pharmacy for an upgrade at no additional cost. Pharmacy users are already saying it’s easier, faster and more efficient for staff and for patients. Upgrading also allows your pharmacy to connect better with patients – It includes FREE access to your pharmacy branded App – myPharmacyLink.

To find out more about the platform contact Pharmacy Services Team on 1300 859 328.

What does this mean in real terms?

It means you will now be able to:

  • Schedule reminders for private scripts and non-prescription products
  • Add multiple held scripts and add held for scripts never been dispensed before
  • Add non-prescription products from a database with over 32,000 products as listed in TGA

But it also means more than that. It means, that in the long term you have patient data that goes beyond the script – to build a more holistic picture of your patient’s condition and their medication profile.

^ Only a select group of pharmacies have the new medication management service enabled during the pilot period. Once the pilot period is completed, all GuildCare pharmacies will be able to benefit from these new features. Please keep an eye out on future communications.

New features on myPharmacyLink

To provide you with a unified view of your patient and empower patients to manage their medications / stay connected with your pharmacy, myPharmacyLink has also had an upgrade alongside GuildCare NG 2.0.

Your feedback is critical to the constant improvements of our products and services – there’s no question about it.

In order to ensure the longevity of Pharmacy in Australia, we rely heavily on your feedback to help us help you with the challenges at the helm of healthcare everyday.

Introducing GuildCare NG 2.0 with the Medication Management Service

Thanks to the time and consideration of our customers, we’re excited to be announcing the launch of GuildCare NG 2.0 with the new Medication Management Service.^

The key piece of feedback we received was in relation to script creation and the script reminder functionality and we’re very excited to announce that we’ve re-architectured the system to future-proof your pharmacy with more powerful data.

Now, instead of reminders being set on scripts – they are set on medications.

August 22nd 2018

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