World Diabetes Day 2019: Helping pharmacists across Australia support patients living with diabetes

14 November 2019

Through GuildCare NG and its free patient-facing app myPharmacyLink, GuildLink is helping pharmacists across Australia support patients living with diabetes and their families.

“A key focus of this year’s World Diabetes Day is the role of family plays in the management, care and, where possible, the prevention of diabetes [1]. With almost one in five (18.7%) Australians aged 75 years and another 16% aged 65-74 years living with diabetes [2] – for these patients, not only is their relationship with their pharmacy crucial, so is the care and support provided by their older children and families,” said GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma.

myPharmacyLink provides carers and pharmacies with a convenient and easy means of better supporting this group of patients. Through the Carer mode in the app, carers are able to not only manage the medications for the dependants they care for; they can also now order NDSS products for these dependants.

The app also allows Carers to also view the history and results of Diabetes MedsChecks and other professional services undertaken at the pharmacy. The easy mobile access of this recorded information can be useful when engaging with healthcare professionals. Pharmacists are now able to more easily lodge and claim 6CPA services such as Diabetes MedsChecks through the newly integrated PPA portal.

“The combination of myPharmacyLink and GuildCare NG allows patients living with diabetes, their carers and pharmacists with a convenient and easy means of providing increased healthcare and support – through potential increased medications compliance and management, and increased access to personal medical and diagnostic information, recorded through professional services undertaken whilst at the pharmacy,” said Arun.

“Pharmacists using GuildCare NG should encourage their patients living with diabetes to download the myPharmacyLink app; as we continue to work with medical device suppliers to expand the number of blood glucose monitoring products available via the app and provide customers with educational materials to help them manage their condition,” he added.

About myPharmacyLink
myPharmacyLink is a free-to-consumer app that allows people to better manage their medicines and pharmacies to provide an increased level of patient care. Patient activity managed through GuildCare NG is available via myPharmacyLink app – providing both patients and pharmacies with the latest information about the health services accessed, about which prescriptions they have available while also providing alerts when prescription refills are required. myPharmacyLink is an example of GuildLink’s commitment to delivering solutions which enhance patient engagement, provide better healthcare outcomes and support community pharmacy business.

[1] International Diabetes Foundation, World Diabetes Day 2019 

[2] Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Health Survey: First Results, 2017-18 – Diabetes Mellitus 

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