World Pharmacist Day 2019: GuildLink is helping pharmacists deliver safe and effective medicines

25 September 2019

Since the start of 2019, GuildCare NG has provided pharmacists with millions of opportunities to deliver safe and effective medicines and advice to patients through services such as MedsChecks, Diabetes MedsChecks, dose administration aids, sponsored and patient support programs, and clinical interventions. 

“This World Pharmacist Day, GuildLink is proud to celebrate the difference pharmacists are making within the Australian community. Community pharmacies are the most frequently accessed and most accessible health destinations in Australia [1] – with pharmacists being one of the most trusted professions in the country [2]. Over 90% of adults trust the advice of pharmacist and, on the back of this trust, community pharmacist-led medication-adherence interventions and programs have improved adherence rates by 9.3%1,” said GuildLink Head of Product and practicing pharmacist Maja Ajdukovic, “Pharmacists are medicines experts and GuildLink is committed to helping pharmacists deliver safe and effective medicine to their patients, through the comprehensive medication management products and services available via our professional services platform GuildCare NG and our patient-facing app, myPharmacyLink.”

Over the course of 2019, GuildLink has also delivered key new features such as vaccination program enhancements within GuildCare NG, which have allowed pharmacists to provide patients with additional and timely access to vaccinations; and NDSS ordering within myPharmacyLink, allowing patients living with diabetes easier access to blood glucose monitoring products when ordering scripts.

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[1] Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Vital Facts On Community Pharmacy, August 2019
[2] Roy Morgan, Image of Professions Survey 2017, July 2017

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