World Immunisation Week 2020: GuildLink is delivering vaccination support to Australian pharmacies

GuildLink is proud to support World Immunisation Week 2020 and is committed to delivering vaccination services support to pharmacies throughout Australia.

“Being able to provide patients with access to vaccination services is a key means of delivering improved healthcare outcomes to the community and securing pharmacy revenue,” said GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma, “GuildLink is committed to delivering state-based legislation changes as soon as possible in support of the pharmacists’ role as vaccinators and healthcare providers. GuildCare NG was the first professional pharmacy services platform to integrate with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and we pride ourselves on our proven history of implementing state vaccination changes within 24 hours of legislation being released.”

Vaccinations recorded in GuildCare NG are automatically sent to AIR, allowing pharmacists to both meet vaccination recording requirements and save time entering vaccination information. The AIR integration removes double handling of patient data and provides a more accurate and efficient system of recording vaccinations.

Together with GuildCare NG and its free patient-facing app myPharmacyLink, pharmacies are able to:

  • Bulk message and promote to patients the availability of professional services such as vaccinations
  • Communicate directly with patients to organise appointments
  • Use the Calendar feature to schedule internal resources to deliver such services
  • Record vaccinations in AIR

In 2019, over 13 million Australians were vaccinated against influenza, with more than two million vaccinated in pharmacy [1]. For 2020, the Australian Government has secured three million additional doses of seasonal influenza vaccines, bringing the total number of influenza vaccines available for Australians to 16.5 million [2]. This year, Australia is also the first country to offer an adjuvanted Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV) – Fluad Quad 1

[1] AJP, 4 March 2020; Flu Vaccine: Why aren’t pharmacists recognised
[2] The Hon Greg Hunt, 19 March 2020; Record 16.5 million flu vaccines to protect Australians

During World Immunisation Week 2020, GuildLink would like to remind pharmacists to ensure they have updated GuildCare NG with the following:

REMINDER: Have you updated GuildCare NG with your Immunisation Provider Number (IPN)?

GuildCare is integrated with AIR and automatically uploads completed Vaccination cases to the AIR.
To ensure you are setup for the AIR:

  • Go to ADMIN > IPN Pharmacy settings
  • Input your Immunisation Provider Number.

REMINDER: Guild Corporate Health Vaccination Flu 2020 Program
– Have you updated GuildCare NG with your LanternPay account number?

For Guild Member pharmacies participating in the Program, make sure you have updated GuildCare NG with your LanternPay account number to receive payments to your bank account the next business day.

How to update your LanternPay Claims for faster payments

  • In ADMIN, connect to your LanternPay account
  • Once you have completed cases for the Guild Corporate Vaccination Flu service, go to REPORTS and submit your claims and view Tax Invoices.
  • Approved claims will receive payment in your bank account the next business day!

If you are interested in participating in the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program, please contact your local Guild branch.

Click to learn how to implement the program
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